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    Sep 02, 2017

    This is the tale of lonely Keita Amano who loves video games and the video game club at his school that ardently tries to recruit him. While each member of the club is distinctly different, they are all united through their love of games.

    With video game references by the bucket load, Gamers is a great romantic comedy that follows gamers without being the old “we’re stuck in a game” trope. If you are looking for something similar to Gamers, then enjoy these anime recommendations.

    For Fans of Gaming

    Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend

    Tomoya Aki is your typical otaku who takes on part-time jobs to fund his anime and light novel obsession. However, one day when he was out riding his bike, he catches the beret of a girl and is so captivated by the scene before him that he sets out to create the ultimate dating sim. While he struggles to do so, he eventually recruits three of the school’s most popular girls, that also happen to be good at drawing, writing, and music as well as otakus themselves to help him create it. In this new doujin circle, he also happens across the girl that inspired him, but she was not what he expected and certainly doesn’t stand up to his 2D expectations.

    Although Saekano is about creating a dating sim, both it and Gamers tells a tale about a group of friends that love games. With a wide variety of different characters, there is plenty of room for both comedy and ample romance. However, Gamers is more about a variety of games while Saekano is about dating sim tropes.

    And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?

    After proposing to a girl in a video game, Rusian is not only rejected, but finds out that girl is really a man playing as a female avatar. Afterwards, he makes a sweeping declaration that he will never trust girls online again. However, years later a girl named Ako proposes to him. Although he thinks she might be a guy, he accepts. When Rusian meets this Ako and his other guild mates in real life, he fines them not only to be classmates of his, but cute girls.

    Gamers is more so about people playing a variety of games while Netoge is about a group of people playing one MMO. However, both series features a lot of gamer lingo as well as a decent amount of relatable comedy and romance.


    Kazama thinks he has what it takes to take over his high school with his gang, even if it is just his two friends in it. However, when his gang has a run in with the four unique girls of the Game Development Club, he is shanghaied in as a member himself.

    Both Gamers and D-Frag are the types of shows that never fail to make you laugh, but Gamers has the added benefit of having a lot of game references too. Although the main characters are very different, a lot of the supporting characters have similarities to each other, not surprising since they share the same plot line of a guy being forced into a club.

    For Fans of Club Shenanigans

    The Art Club has a Problem

    Mizuki Usami is a proud member of her school’s art club, but it has a problem – she is the only member who takes it seriously. Not only is she obstructed by their shenanigans, but also by her equally distracting crush Subaru.

    While Gamers is about gamers rather than artists, immediately upon watching one series, you are strongly reminded of the other. They both have the same sort of comedy revolving around a bunch of misfits or unique people being together in a club room, to varying effect.

    Fastest Finger First

    As soon as Koshiyama Shiki enters high school, he and his classmate was dragged into a mysterious Quiz Study Group by force. This introduces him to the world of competitive quiz games where only the fastest fingers thrive.

    Also showing during the Summer 2017 anime season, Fastest Finger Finger first is actually crazy similar to Gamers. Both shows have the same basic plot about a guy that was strong-armed into joining a club by a domineering woman. While Keita used to be a big nerd, Shiki still is, but he is just a book worm and not so much an otaku.

    Magic of Stella

    Upon entering high school, Tamaki Honda joins the SNS Club that is known for making doujin games. Joined by the programmer, writer, and composer, the four get to work making their next game.

    Instead of just enjoying games like in Gamers, the Magic of Stella is about making them. While it is done in the moe style and doesn’t have much romance, the comedy of it all is on point and it is club hijinks at its finest.

    For Fans of Nerdy Romantic Comedies

    Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret

    Hakujo Academy is a place for only the most elite students, and at the top of that ladder is the beautiful Haruka Nogizaka. Yuuta Ayase, like his other classmates, has the pleasure of enjoying Haruka from afar, but one fateful visit to the library brings her darkest secret to light – she is a huge otaku.

    Although Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret is about an anime otaku, there are few better nerdy otaku romantic comedies. However, unlike Gamers, Haruka Nogizaka’s Secret is all about hiding her interests rather than full-on embracing them.


    Sasahara Kanji is a college freshmen and hopes to join a club to share his secret thoughts about anime, manga, and gaming. While ardently believing he is not an otaku, he gets utterly humbled by a member of the society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture, the club he wants to join. Will Kanji be able to accept his otakuness?

    The romance in Genshiken is extremely toned down, but the nerdy comedy is on point, though it is about all hobbies and not just games like in Gamers. Both shows feature clubs that are extremely passionate about their hobbies while also having themes about fitting in.

    The World Only God Knows

    Keima Katsuragi is known as the “God of Conquest,” a man that can conquer any girl’s heart, at least in his dating sim games. However, when Keima arrogantly accepts an offer to prove his dating sim supremacy, he finds himself at the mercy of a demon that forces him to woo over real life girl.

    Although Gamers covers much more than just dating sim games, both series have that nerdy Romantic comedy spin to them. While Keita is a less arrogant character, he was a little closer to Keima before his great transformation. Although they are both romantic comedies, the romance in Gamers is more genuine and the comedy in both are done in different styles.

    If You have any more anime recommendations similar to Gamers, then let everyone know in the comments section below.

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