Aquaman Actor Ludi Lin Says the DCEU Film is ‘Star Wars Underwater’

Power Rangers co-star Ludi Lin did an interview on Canadian radio Wednesday afternoon that revealed new information of interest to fans of both DC Comics and the Power Rangers franchise. After playing Zack, the Black Ranger, in the recent Power Rangers feature film, the Chinese-Canadian actor was cast as a comic character named Murk in Warner Bros.’ upcoming Aquaman film. Lin was in Vancouver on a break from filming Aquaman in Australia and stopped in on afternoon drive program The Ara Show before heading back.

The host started with some light questions about Lin’s background, but the conversation quickly veered toward Aquaman. When asked about playing a general of the Atlantean army named Murk (introduced in DC Comics in 2013 by Geoff Johns and Paul Pelletier), Lin discussed the differences between the live-action and comic book versions.

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“Murk has gone through some changes… like the Black Ranger really,” Lin said. “I like it when people pigeon-hole me… because then it gives me a chance to try to break out of it. You put a wall in front of me, I want to try to break down that wall. So, this is Murk [and] I think he’s going to be pretty different from the original conception. But he’s going to be pretty remarkable as well. It’s been a pleasure working with some amazing people.”

When probed further about the highly anticipated film, Lin spoke on director James Wan’s world-building and dropped a pretty exciting tidbit.

“The thing is, there is so much about Aquaman that I have seen so far in filming… there’s so much to this film,” he said. “The difference between Aquaman and the other superheroes in the DC Universe, is that it exists almost in a different world. James Wan, our director, is amazing. He’s described his vision as “Star Wars underwater” because it is! All the physics are different, their weapons are different, the characters are very unique. It’s just super cool.”

Wan calling Aquaman “Star Wars underwater” should make it clear the cast and crew are aiming high, but the statement also gives fans an idea of how different Atlantis will be. The comparison even suggests we could see the various fictional sea creatures and races from the comics. The Trench, anyone?

The interview then continued with the host moving away from Aquaman and asking Lin about his craziest story on set overall. At this point, Lin chose to tell a story about a scene in Power Rangers that got a little out-of-hand and was subsequently cut from the final film.

“I’ll tell you about this scene that never made it into the Power Rangers movie because it was too violent… too bloody,” Lin shared. “It was a scene between me and Dacre [Montgomery], who plays the Red Ranger, and we had this massive fight because there is kind of a competition going on between us. That was a funny day. Power Rangers has been going on in Japan for more that 40 years. This is their baby. And they sent the original creator of the Power Rangers to our set for a visit with his whole entourage. They were watching us fight and in Japan in Power Rangers there is not really any blood, just lots of sparks. But that day we were going full out and kept on asking for more and more fake blood. A couple of times we accidentally clocked each other for real. So, we were bleeding for real and there was fake blood everywhere. The Japanese guys were shocked.”

Bet you weren’t expecting that one, Power Rangers fans. It’s doubtful viewers will ever get to see that deleted scene, with the film already on home release, but who knows what the future may hold.

Directed by James Wan and starring Jason Momoa as Aquaman and Amber Heard as Mera, Aquaman, part of the DC Extended Universe, is scheduled for release on Dec. 21, 2018.

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