• Harley Quinn & Harley Quinn Share Batman: White Knight Variant Cover
    Nov 09, 2017

    A surprise to come out of this month’s Batman: White Knight #2 is the existence of two Harley Quinns in the alternate-reality miniseries that fashions Batman as the villain and Joker as the hero.

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    Now, artist/writer Sean Gordon Murphy has shared a variant cover for December’s Batman: White Knight #3 that features the “original” Harleen Quinzel and her evil counterpart.

    BIG REVEAL: the Harley(s) variant for White Knight #3. Colors by @MDHollingsworth pic.twitter.com/Dw1ZT078HH

    — Sean Gordon Murphy (@Sean_G_Murphy) November 8, 2017

    Murphy’s cover, featuring colors by Matt Hollingsworth, depicts both Harley’s looking larger than life inside a courtroom, with a more villainous Joker brandishing a gun from atop the bench. Each Harley has her mask removed, displaying different hair colors to go along with contrasting outfits. The more devious Harley stands to the left and has white hair with a torn T-shirt, shorts, and stockings, while the original Harleen has the classic outfit from her debut in Batman: The Animated Series.

    Batman: White Knight imagines a world in which the Joker has reformed. Of course, Batman doesn’t believe his old nemesis’ story about being cured and, as Joker (who now goes by the name Jack Napier) becomes a voice for the abused lower class of Gotham, the Dark Knight becomes increasingly convinced he’s up to something.

    Batman: White Knight #3 arrives Dec. 6 from DC Comics. Written and illustrated by Sean Murphy, the series was recently extended from seven issues to eight.

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