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    Dec 21, 2017

    Merry Christmas~~ ~~ 

    Hello everyone, are you ready for your festival or are you preparing for the day? No matter what you are, we have a good news for you.

    $ Earn money!  (✧◡✧) 

    $ Earn money!  (✧◡✧) 

    $ Earn money!  (✧◡✧) 

    The important thing need to say 3 times, hahahaha!


    Niadd.com have a donation system. It's a system for authors who uploaded their original manga, and the readers will donate them willingly. 

    For authors —— how to add donation button:

    1. Enter into account

    2. Switch ‘reader’ status

    3. Click ‘setting’

    4. Choose ‘Paypal Button’

    5. Input paypal button html code 

    (for step 5: If you don't know how to get the html code for button, we'll offer you a help document following.)


    Now, if you don't know how to get a html code for donation button. This is the offical help document link for you (how to get a donation button —paypal). And we also prepare a course expecially for Chinese.

    Both links under the 'paypal button text box'


    For readers —— how to donate money

    1. Click donation button

    2. Click paypal donation button



    3. Switch language; 

        Input donation amount(any number you want);

        Log in your paypal accountdonate3.png

    4. Jump to paypal login page


    5. Confirm donation amount and click “Submit/Donate/Ok” button

    6. Donate successfully! The author will thank for you.

    Here are some links may be useful:

    How to get a paypal donation button >>

    How to get a paypal business button (for Chinese) >>

    Upload manga, start earing >>

    This is Lazy Sandra. Thanks for reading~~ (*^▽^*)

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    Manga dogs
    Manga dogs Jan 09, 2018
    So you get paid to write articles too like it says in the app? Or just manga? @random_poet
    random_poet Jan 01, 2018
    So you get paid to write articles too like it says in the app? Or just manga?