• 20 Anime Series Featuring Human and Non-Human Romantic Relationships
    Feb 02, 2018

    Humans are boring. Why would you ever choose a human when you could have… Something more? Well, that’s the premise of a lot of romance anime, anyways. Still, while romance involving non-human creatures may evoke cringe-worthy memories of media like Twilight, anime typically does a little better job developing those relationships. So if you crave romance anime with partners other than boring humans, give these anime recommendations a try.


    Technically, Sanka Rea used to be human, but through circumstance she died and came back as a zombie. Are zombies sexy? In this case, maybe. However, this show also focuses on how risky romance is with someone who craves flesh. You never know when kisses turn into the lass eating your lips, right?

    Rosario + Vampire

    After not being able to get into any human high schools, Tsukune is forced to go to the only school that will accept him. Unfortunately, that school is all supernatural monsters that would sooner eat a human than be his classmate. His only choice is to hide his identity, but Moka that vampire discovers his human side and she decides to protect him. Of course, things become complicate when he attracts his own personal harem of supernatural girls.

    Kamisama Kiss

    After becoming homeless, Nanami accidently ends up a land god of a shrine. Her familiar is an ancient fox demon that is less than warm to her. Of course, you know how these things go. They spend more time with each other, they grow to understand each other, and then love grows! Of course, her familiar isn’t the only spirit that develops a soft spot for this wayward human.


    Inuyasha has become a classic show in the romance genre because it not only has some good romance and a little drama, but it has a lot of good fights to keep thing interesting as well. Similar to Kamisama Kiss above, Inuyasha is about a girl that time travels back to the feudal area. There, circumstance sees her paired with a half-demon that dislikes her. However, through their trials and tribulations, their relationship grows.

    High School DxD

    One day, Issei is shocked when a girl asks him out on a date. Unfortunately he learns that she is a fallen angel who just decides to kill him. He is then saved by a devil that revives him. While she has her own reasons for doing so, this thrusts him forth into the world supernatural hotties where he learns that just because they are demons, doesn’t mean they are bad.

    Monster Musume

    Harem anime series are great, but after awhile, you have seen every type of girl trope there is to see. How does one reinvent this tired old genre? Well, why not make all those hot girls into different kinds of monsters? Well, you know what? It worked! While highly perverted, seeing these girl tropes reborn in monster bodies is actually kind of a fun watch.


    Although Chobits is getting up there in age, it is still the pinnacle of this specific sub-genre of romance. Unlike some other series, the romance between the human and his android doesn’t happen alongside the plot, but rather it is central to it. What challenges will the overcome? What kisses will they have? Let’s find out!

    Waiting in the Summer

    Featuring prettier animation than your average bear, at a glance, Waiting in Summer seems like your standard slice of life bittersweet romance show. However, you soon learn that something not quite right is going on. Revealing the race of this non-human might be considered a spoiler, but let’s just say they are definitely not human.


    When it comes to romance between humans and demons, things tend to go either very seductively harem or just regular fun romance. However, Kemonozume acknowledges that, yes, demons are dangerous, and yes, a relationship with them is dangerous as well. It follow a demon hunter that falls in love with his prey and we look on as the world arms against them.

    Vampire Knight

    What is the closest anime to Twilight? If I had to throw in a candidate, it would be Vampire Knight, and not just because of the vampires. It has that same sort of drama and love rivalry between two “different” (but basically the same) males who both want the love of one specific girl. It’s got more gothic tones, but the romance feels the same.

    Engaged to the Unidentified

    Worth watching for the cutest OP and ED of any romance anime alone, Engaged to the Unidentified follows the story of a girl who turns sixteen only to gain a fiancé and a sister-in-law. Of course, those two new additions aren’t quite as human as they look. The only way to unravel what they are is to keep watching.

    Spice and Wolf

    When a naked wolf god ends up in your cart and asks you for a ride, I mean, you don’t just say no. Mostly because she probably won’t let you say no. That is how the unique pair of Holo and Lawrence are thrust together. While romance is rarely the focus of the series, it makes those small moments that are shown pretty worth it.

    Actually, I Am

    If there is one way to get your crush to notice you, it is to discover her deep dark secret. Lucky for Asahi, his crush’s secret is just that she is a vampire on not some psycho murderer. True to anime form, finding out this girl’s secret also begins to make him the center of attention for all other supernatural beings (read: ladies) in the area, changing his life into one chaotic harem.

    The Ancient Magus’ Bride

    Elias may have a kind of human form, but he is definitely not one. However, his apprentice and future bride Chise appears to be very human despite a few magical quirks. While there is definitely a (centuries wide) age gap between this couple, the anime doesn’t bring a lot of attention to it and make it weird. Instead, the growing relationship between these two is actually something to be treasured.

    My Bride is a Mermaid

    Michishio, after being saved from drowning by a mermaid, has his life changed. Unfortunately, once a human sees a mermaid, either the human or the mermaid must die. In order to bypass this, he is taken in as a member of the family by being married to his mermaid savoir. Of course, things are a little more intense since her family isn’t just a family of mermaids, but a family of yakuza mermaids.

    Maoyu – Archenemy and Hero

    In the middle of a human/demon mega-war, the hero of the human side goes to kill the Demon Queen alone in her castle. However, he soon discovers that she is not only beautiful, but seeks his help. It turns out the war has helped humanity flourish, and they must work together to find a way to end it so that thousands do not end up starving in the process. While this show is heavy on politics, it also has some nice romantic moments hidden in there too.

    Girl Demon Zakuro

    Zakuro sets itself apart from others with a similar plot by having a different sort of setting. In an alternate Meiji era Japan, this is a world where humans and spirits live side by side.  Unfortunately, with Japan being increasingly western influenced, what is to happen to these spirits in the face of an acceptance of western religion? It’s not pretty, so male soldiers are paired with female spirits in order to travel and ease the tensions. Unfortunately, things do not go very smoothly for one pair where the man is afraid of spirits and the girl dislikes humans.

    Plastic Memories

    This series is essentially Chobits come again, but this time with more bitter sweetness. The plot revolves around a man that works with Giftias. These are androids that are so similar to humans that it is hard to tell them apart. However, they only have a maximum life span of nine years. This is the tale of a love doomed to end too soon.

    Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

    In a certain academy, it is said that it is haunted by a ghost in the basement. It turns out this is true, and that ghost actually founded the paranormal club in order to search for answers of her death. Unfortunately, no one probably planned on this ghost and one of her new club members falling in love.

    Date a Live

    The many, many girls in Date a Live look human, and many of them are actually human. However, the whole premise is about a boy making these destructive spirits fall in love with him in order to quell their destructive nature. This series has a little bit of something for everyone, which explains why it is so popular.

    Do you have any more anime recommendations for those that enjoy human and non-human romances in anime? Let us know in the comments section below.

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