• 10 Best Anime Series Featuring Bounty Hunters
    Mar 13, 2018

    It’s a glorified profession when you’re young – bounty hunting. Having the freedom to work when you want (or rather, when you need the money) and being able to bring in bad guys. Unfortunately, real life bounty hunting isn’t quite as glorious as you’d imagine, but at least anime can keep the dream alive. If your interested in watching the hard knock life of bounty hunters on the 2D screen, then we have some anime recommendations for you.

    Cowboy Bebop

    A more classic bounty hunter anime series there never was. Cowboy Bebop doesn’t really have an overall plot, it has several small plots that surround the members of the Bebop crew. Sometimes you watch them as they blunder their way through a job, sometimes you watch them come to terms with their painful past. A bounty hunter isn’t a bounty hunter because they have a place they belong in the world, after all.

    Hunter x Hunter

    They may not specifically be called “bounty” hunters, but that’s what the hunters in Hunter x Hunter function as. They are a profession that will take on all manner of dangerous tasks, and of course, 12 year old Gon Freecss wants to become the very best one. Along the way this wanna-be hunter makes more than a few allies and enemies alike leading to a life of constant battle and strife.

    Outlaw Star

    In order to achieve his dream of one day captaining his own ship, Gene Starwind and his friend James work on a small planet doing odd jobs. However, as the tale always goes, one day they get a job to protect a mysterious girl, who ends up changing their entire lives and taking Gene on a trajectory towards the stars.

    Space Dandy

    He’s a Dandy guy, that Space Dandy. He plies the stars with his rag-tag small crew doing what few others dare to do. His job is not so much to complete small jobs as a bounty hunter, but to discover and register new species of aliens. While not technically bounty hunting, it is this plot that certainly keeps things adventurous and unexpected.

    Black Cat

    Train is an assassin known in the underworld by his moniker Black Cat. He is renowned for his accuracy and disregard for human life. However, one day he meets Saya, a upbeat bounty hunter who gets him thinking that maybe there is another way to live. However, when he starts his new life as a bounty hunter, some of his past finds it pretty hard to let him go.

    Black Lagoon

    In some anime series, bounty hunting is just a profession. The plot goes above and beyond the profession to tell a bigger tale, but not in Black Lagoon. This series tells the tales of a group of mercenaries, which are just bounty hunters with a bigger purview. This series follows this group of badasses as they fight for – not justice – but cold hard cash. If that means doing evil deeds, you bet they will do them. Black Lagoon not only provides and action-filled romp, but gives a fun glimpse into the criminal underworld and how it functions in their universe.

    Rage of Bahamut

    Although the plot of the show moves onto a bigger picture pretty quick, let us not forget that the primarily profession of both Favaro and Kaiser is that of bounty hunters. Favaro is your typical lifelong scumbag while Kaiser adopted the bounty hunter life after family disgrace. If you like your bounty hunters as flippant jerks who drink their pay checks and occasionally save the world, then these are your sort of bounty hunters.

    Solty Rei

    After the death of his daughter in a catastrophic incident that ravaged humanity, Roy became a bounty hunter with a reputation for violence towards his prey. However, one day, that violence catches up with him, but just as he is about to be killed, a girl falls from the sky and saves his life. Now his bounty is helping this girl find out who she is and why she is here.

    Desert Punk

    When the apocalypse comes and the world dries out, it becomes a dangerous place, as you would expect. However, that opens up a whole lots of paid opportunities for a man that is willing to do literally anything. The handyman in Desert Punk has a perfect record as a bounty hunter, but his life is going to become a lot more difficult when a certain well-endowed woman enters it.

    El Cazador de la Bruja

    This show starts as your standard “girl with special power flees her experimenters” sort of show where she heads on down Mexico way. Of course, crossing the border doesn’t ever cross out your problems and eventually those people catch up with her. However, the girl meets up with Nadie, a bounty hunter that befriends her. You know whose even better at fleeing pursuers than a scared girl with powers? A bounty hunter with a whole bunch of tricks up her sleeve.

    Did we miss your favorite bounty hunter anime? Let us know in the comments section below.

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