11 Anime Series We (Personally) Wouldn’t Recommend

It’s our 3rd birthday! Recommend Me Anime is turning three this year, and across those three years, we’ve covered tons of anime series. Just over 475 articles, half of those recommendations for series you watched and liked, the other half are lists to help guide you towards aspects of anime that you’d like to watch more of. Within all that are hundreds of different series.

However, while there is indeed a lid for every pot, so to speak, not all of these anime series we have watched are great shows. In fact, many of them we wouldn’t personally recommend to friends because we just didn’t like them that much. So I thought it would be fun to cover our personally not recommended anime on this, the day of the site’s birth.

Kodomo No Jikan

The honest truth? I get really uncomfortable with anime involving really young children, and it is 100% the fault of this series. Even wholesome nice series like Barakamon I was a little weary going into because I was afraid it would end up…Like Kodomo no Jikan where a little girl threw herself at a grown man in very lewd ways. Yes, the sexualization on the main girl’s part is later explained to be the result of abuse by a family member, but they also don’t present that abuse in the way you would want.

Sword Art Online

I know, if you’ve read many of the articles on this site, Sword Art Online has been recommended probably well over two dozen times now. I sleep at night knowing there is some young fan just getting into anime that will think it is a cool show based on those recommendations. I thought it was, the first half anyway, but it was consistent slide downhill from there in the second half and subsequent seasons. It stopped being what I even liked about it, which was people trapped in a game struggling for survival. Furthermore, Kirito. I hate him and the Gary Stu of a character he has always been.

The Lost Village

I enjoyed The Lost Village at first. It seemed to have a lot of promise as a show where broken characters are mysteriously under siege by a monster in the woods. Then it changed to something else. The monsters were manifestations of their own traumas, some confront them, and then the series just ends. Half the groups stays in the village no one can find to presumably die, the other half go back. It ends so abruptly and confusingly that it just kills the whole show, but the show was dead to me about half way through when it started being terrible.

King’s Game

I loved the King’s Game manga, so very much. So, I was very excited to see it animated. Unfortunately, it was not done well. They tried to combine the three King’s Game series altogether – the prequel, the original, and the sequel – in a twelve episode run. It left very little time for any of the stories and no room to build any emotional connection with the characters so you even care that they died. It had me severely questioning if King’s Game was actually a bad manga, too. Perhaps so, but I enjoyed the gore and no one can take that away from me.


This show was a trip. I’d almost recommend it to people just for the fun of it. P.A. Works generally pumps out some delicious-looking animation, so I generally get kind of excited for them. In Glasslip, you get some nice visuals but absolutely nothing else. It starts off like you’d expect, a new transfer student meets a person and then meets all their friends. You know what happens next? Not a damn thing you’d call a plot. Not even a slice of life where everyday events create a plot. What is so unique is that it constantly seems to promise stuff will happen, and then it ends.

It is a masterpiece in the worst way.


This is in the same vein as Kodomo no Jikan. I watched Oreimo, the series by the same author, and even enjoyed it despite the implied incest. Eromanga-sensei is not incest, the two characters aren’t related by blood. However, the little girl is wholly dependent on care by her stepbrother, lives alone with him in their house, and draws lewd pictures. They love each other, but essentially, she is a prisoner there (by her own anxiety, of course). I’m not fond of the whole situation presented despite loving the OP and ED sequences for it because they are very cute.

In Another World With My Smart Phone

This show is just everything that one could hate about isekai. It is just some guy from the modern day that becomes overpowered in a fantasy world where everyone falls in love with him. Unfortunately, nothing even remotely interesting really happens. I don’t necessarily hate the isekai genre, but I do hate shows that actively don’t try to really do anything new in it.

Corpse Party

Personally, I enjoyed it because I do in fact enjoy a lot of pointless gore. I, however, cannot think of a situation in which I would recommend it to someone unless they also wanted the same. The characters are the most two dimensional 2D anime characters ever made, the overall story of the haunting is not particularly interesting, but it does have a lot of fun ways for people to get killed.

Hand Shakers

Everything that can go badly in an anime does go badly. Jerky CGI, like every flashy animation and film-making trick anyone has ever used, cliched and downright boring characters, really noticeable pacing issues (said as a person that doesn’t usually notice), weird transition between slice of life moments and action, vague religious plot purely because, I suspect, the words sounded cool. There have been entire essays written of the problems in this series, but I’m not willing to submit another.

Berserk 2017

I’ll never not be angry with how they butchered my boy. Stick to the 1997 anime or, if you must, the movies. Pretend it just ends traumatically to avoid the exact same trauma Gutts went through – seeing everything you love ruined in every way.

Boku no Pico

I wouldn’t recommend it because I’m not a monster. I especially wouldn’t recommend it to new fans because it continues the stereotype that all people who like anime are lewd degenerates.

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