15 Of The Cutest, Heartwarming, and Most Wholesome Anime Series Ever Made

You like cute series. There is not a thing wrong with that. Sometimes you don’t want to watch a well-muscled, overpowered hero yelling out attack names or want to watch a protagonist with no personality of his own get slapped in the face by overpower tits. You just want to watch a low drama (though often not a “no drama” because it needs a plot point) series where people just do whatever in a very cute and well-animated way. No fighting, no fan service, just people living and it being overly stocked with those cute moments that you actually live for in real life. Let’s get into it, shall we you empty husks of human beings that need fulfillment?

Love, Chunibyou, and Other Delusions

While if you are deep into anime culture this series can be a touch cringey, Rikka is perhaps the cutest anime girl of all time. She’s not afraid to act like a major dork in public, much to the embarrassment of others. She also turns into a surprisingly complex character later that you can’t help but to root for.

My Love Story

If you go into this expecting the best love story ever, you will be left wanting. There isn’t much romantic progression, but damn if the characters don’t make up for it. It has perhaps one of the best wingmen of all time and your protagonist is not what you would call the “princely” type. He has all the manners of a good prince, but looks like a gorilla. I think we can all find something to relate to there.


I feel like K-on was what kicked off the sub-genre of cute girls doing cute things. It has top tier animation, realistic character designs and the girls are made with one goal – to be cute in doing all things. Although also a music anime, I don’t think people really watch it for that.

Love Live

Much like K-on above – or rather almost exactly like it – Love Live is a show about girls trying to achieve something. This time it is about idols. So as idols are popular because they are cute, it is kind of a prerequisite. While idol culture leaves a big opening for drama, the idols are made out to be surprisingly good people most of the time.

Sweetness and Lightning

While this series has its melancholic moments, considering the main character is a widower and single father, that is not what it is about. Instead, Sweetness and Lightning is about the joy of cooking and eating together. It is about how food can bind people together. Combine that with some of the fluffiest anime hair ever, and it is a great watch.

Yuru Yuri

You know what is the typical recipe for a seriously cute series – gather a bunch of girls and put them in a club that doesn’t focus on anything. In Yuru Yuri, their club is the Amusement Club. It is the ultimate blank slate for plot as it is all about the amusement of its members – and the audience as well.

Himouto Umaru-chan

If you look too closely at Himouto Umaru-chan, you’ll notice that Umaru is kind of a terrible person. However, she has her cute moments and is surrounded by other cute girls that aren’t quite as garbage people. The comedy comes from Umaru’s antics, and for as selfish as they often are, she does them in an adorable way which often makes them so successful on her targets.


Hanayamata is about a shy girl joining a traditional Japanese dance club. However, like the dozens of other anime series like that, this one has a certain magic to it. Of course, supernatural things aren’t real in this series, but it showcases all the magic that can be had in real life by girls that choose to believe in it.

The Quintessential Quintuplets

I know, looking at those five equally ample breasts and you might suspect a lot of fan service. Being honest, there is a bit, but it doesn’t go much further than lingering shots. What makes this series cute is that each of these girls are equally interesting characters. They have distinct personalities and quirks that don’t allow them to be the same girl multiplied by five. Finally, the protagonist isn’t particularly romantically interested in any of them. This is what limits fan service and allows every character to really shine including his own personality.

Usagi Drop

Small children are often used as tools to bring cuteness to a series. However, this series is unique in the way that the wholesome cuteness is amplified by it being about two incomplete people. The both needed someone else in their life and this is the story of an unconventional family that is built every day rather than made. As a bachelor, Daikichi learns to take care of a child, and his ward overcomes her trauma through his care.

School Live

For those who have watched it, this is a bit of an iffy choice. It does take place in the zombie apocalypse, but it isn’t what you think. The girls are relatively safe holed up in their high school, and while it has some pretty dark moments, the cute light moments win out. In fact, it is those dark and stressful times that accent all the cute moments in this series. It is a horrible situation, but they make the very best of it in small ways so as to not give into despair.

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

This was cuter than any one expected it to be. However, it can be frustrating if you go in expecting romantic progression. In a nutshell, Kaguya-sama is about two very smart young children that love each other, but to admit love is what they consider a weakness. The whole show is about one trying to make the other confess first. While there is much in the way in comedy through this plot line, all the characters have their unexpected cute sides.

Tamako Market

This series is unique as far as the cute girls doing cute things genre goes. While it does focus on one girl much of the time, this series is also very much about the weird cast of characters around her. After all, it is a marketplace and a lot of businesses dwell there. There is also a more slightly supernatural story line, but this show remains very much a character show.

Kiniro Mosaic

Ayaya? Ayaya! Other than spawning a meme video, this anime series has been relatively low-key. The art is simple and perhaps too bright and the plot is well…Not so much there. However, it is a series you don’t need to get deeply involved in. In fact, if you were just to watch it leisurely while doing something else, it is easy to jump and and out of even with subtitles. Turn off your brain and enjoy the antics.

Is the Order a Rabbit?

This series is as cuddly as a bunny. It has  the flimsy plot of a girl moving into a boarding house to attend high school and also ends up working at a café. Really that is just an excuse to introduce this bubbly girl to as many people as possible. Her protagonist quirk is that she makes friends quickly, so obviously the person she wants to be friends with most is aloof about it. Now you just watch her go about her efforts.

Do you have any more ultra-cute anime recommendations? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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