Recommend Me Manga: 15 Yuri Manga Series That Haven’t Been Animated (Yet)

We don’t do manga series in our recommendations here, just anime. However, that doesn’t mean that anime fans don’t want to lie in bed and read a few good chapters quietly before bed. Instead of branching out into manga recommendations, we’re going to give you a few good ones that you can look into. So if you want to read some good yuri manga or are just some sort of anime hipster that wants to be all “I read the manga before it was cool and animated,” then check out these yuri manga recommendations below.


Ever since she was a child, Yukino has wanted to be an idol. She did manage to make it for awhile until her group broke up. After returning home to hurtful words, Yukino decided to return to the city to try and find herself. However, what she really finds is a relationship with a mysterious composer.


Yurika attends a college that is known for its female relationships. According to the rumors on campus, Yurika has been with over half the campus, but the truth is, she is just irresistible to women. It hurts her chances of getting a boyfriend, but after he father’s company goes bankrupt, he suggests she try to get by on her charms as a lover.

The Feelings We All Must Endure

Ruki is a first year student and annoyed that all her friends have fallen in love. She has never been in love herself and doesn’t see herself falling for anyone. While she tries to hide it, she really wants to fall in love as well.


Megane is abused daily by her husband. Finally having enough of it, she asks her lesbian friend to kill him. Having been in love with Megane since high school, she is unable to refuse her request.


Haruka and Sakura are sisters. Yoshiko and Mai are sisters. What is to happen between these two sets when best friends Haruka and Yoshiko realize they have an attraction to each other?


Kuroko used to be a mass murderer, but she has since become an assassin for the Japanese police force. Together with her wild and light-hearted partner Hinako, she is now tasked with killing mass murders that cannot be stopped by normal means.

Age 15

Anna is a middle school student that is now living with a crude college student named Ema. Ema always manipulates here, and this leads to Anna becoming entangled in Ema’s complicated romantic affairs.

Niji Puri

On the last day of school, Mihane confesses her feelings to her senpai, and tells her she aims to go to the same girl’s school as her next year. One year later, Mihane is successful, but on the way there, she takes the wrong bus. This leads to an encounter with another first year student just like her.


Izumi has a very high libido, which turns out to have the potential to save earth when it is invaded by aliens. Given a special sexy outfit by a person from the previous race victimized by these aliens, Izumi is Earth’s last hope.

Mai’s Room

Mai is a college student. She was looking forward to the college life, but ends up living with two other women after a realtor’s mistake. Furthermore, all the girls are named Mai.

What Does the Fox Say?

Sumin works at a company run by her ex-girlfriend, Seju. While Sumin tries to cope through illicit relationships, they always lead back to her ex. However, one day an intriguing new girl starts at the company and a unique love triangle forms.


Chizuru is known for getting what she wants from her male lovers. However, she has never actually been in love. This all changes when Azumi transfers to her school. Although angry at the fact that she was attracted to such a shy and naive girl, Chizuru could be feeling love for the first time in her life.

Sugar is Pubescent

Keiko is a girl with odd aspirations, but still wants to fit in with her classmates. She fails at it, but one day meets another outcast named Asami. However, Asami’s status doesn’t both her one bit.

Mika Run X

After being invaded six times by aliens and monsters, Tokyo was almost completely destroyed. After a chance encounter between Runna and Mika, the female heroes of justice Mikarun X are born!

Love Buzz

Fuji was once a pro wrestler, but she disappeared. Years later, she reappears at her old gym with a five year old daughter in toe. People are uneasy with her, none more so than her best friend Yuri who was deeply hurt by her disappearance.

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