How to Watch the K Anime Series in Order

The first time I watched K, I really blundered it up. I ended up watching it in the complete wrong order and even not watching the first part of the series at all. I was so incredibly confused by the plot that I was actually angry at the show. Yet, because it had a number of great visuals, I kept at it.

While it does paint a good mystery with ten tons of unique characters, take it from me, you definitely need to watch it in the right order to understand what is going on. So before you head to hunt it down on the streaming platform of your choice, this is what you are looking for.

Watching K in Release Order (Best for New Viewers)

In this series, watching in the release order is generally the best way to watch it, specifically if you intend on watching the Seven Stories movies (of which there are strangely only 6) afterwards. The movies make reference to events in the anime series that would technically be spoilers.

The watch order for K going by release order is:

KK: Missing KingsK: Return of KingsR:B MovieSide: Blue MovieSide: Green MovieLost Small World MovieMemories of Red MovieCircle Vision Movie

The movies are, as you would hope, completely optional to watch. A few of them are actually adaptations of the light novels or the manga, but they aren’t actually complete adaptations since they leave out some of the most important parts of those stories. Really if you don’t want to hunt down all the movies, you aren’t missing anything crucial to the overall tale.

Chronological Watch Order For K

Coming back to K for a rewatch? Well, you could always give it a watch in chronological order. In all honesty, you don’t really get anything new from watching it in this order. It’s not even that different from watching it in the release order because the movies have such inconsequential information.

Chronological K Anime Watch Order:

Lost Small World MovieR:B MovieSide: Blue MovieSide: Green MovieMemories of Red MovieKK: Missing KingsK: Return of KingsCircle Vision Movie

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