What Is the Side Effect of Vaping the Relx Pod Flavors?

All right, so there are a couple of side effects that accompany vaping a Relx vape. a number of which are very easy to avoid. But everyone's body reacts to relx タバコ differently.


The first one is Dehydration.

This is one of the foremost common side effects when it involves vaping flavored Relx pods. Because PG that's in e-liquid actually draws in moisture. Now PG stands for propanediol, and it's one among the most ingredients in Relx 日本 pods now. But it's very easy to unravel, drink some water, and you'll feel better.


Next up is that the too high nicotine.

Sometimes you'll notice pharyngitis and coughing, and if you get a nicotine strength that's way too high for your intake, you will get a throat hit that's way too harsh to handle. If this is often the case, try stepping down your nicotine strength to three strength Relx pods flavor in your next purchase.


Another common side effect with vaping is what we call vapours tongue.

Necessarily, in short, it's when you've eaten an equivalent relx for a protracted period, and after a short time, you're just unable to taste it anymore. this will be avoided by switching up your flavors every once during a while to refresh your palate.



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Vaping is bad to health (OBVIOUSLY)...but it is sexy... i think that the side effects are terrible, but you bring me a great idea to my characters of a novel! xD... 

I think that vapping could appear in a anime or manga, maybe, a female character will turn sexy with that!!! xD... just think! 

*I didn't make the picture*
Apr 07, 2020
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