After the double reduction, the Chinese teaching practice of Jinsha Lake Experimental School is more abundant. The stories in the four masterpieces are played out by the fifth grade students

Daily Business Daily recently, in hangzhou Jinsha Lake experimental School held the "World Reading Day" series of activities, the fifth grade group held the textbook drama show activity became a major highlight, the four famous stories were moved on the stage, students creative interpretation of their own understanding of the story, play out of fun.

"Oh my god! This punishment is too severe "" studying English since I was a child, understand the ABCD, paper can, and they were afraid to integrate theory with practice", students of class 506 to participate in the textbook drama "empty" performance, "zhuge liang," "sima yi" and other characters, the young actors suddenly with a few words of English lines, let the audience call "that's interesting.

One of the performers wrote in her school contact book: "I've acted before, but it wasn't very successful. Maybe because I didn t work hard, I really put my heart and soul into it and felt a sense of achievement.

Luqin Fan, the class preparation leader of grade 5, is the planner and organizer of this activity. She observed that students are enthusiastic about the performance of the activity, in view of the lines, clothing, students spontaneously in the evening online discussion, each class have sprung up many good works, chosen from each class two grade group, was scheduled for two hours for the children to provide a stage to show, at the same time by nailing the cloud parental friends invited and those activities enrich their lives.

In Fan's opinion, such comprehensive learning provides more room for students at different levels to play. From the perspective of Chinese learning, it is a practical opportunity to use the language and other abilities of students can also gain growth. For example, there is a usually timid boy, give him a chance to play the tiger, his voice is loud and confident in the performance; There is also a child in the class is not very outstanding, cross-role played a grandma Liu, let everyone's eyes.

Xu Yuping, a teacher at the school's teaching office, said that the school's reading day activities are getting richer and richer every year. After the double reduction, students are no longer bound by extracurricular tutoring classes, and have more time for extracurricular reading. Abundant reading activities in school can stimulate students' interest in learning, make reading a habit, and also bring more space for children to grow up.

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