Tiendatrops Seleccion in Armuna

The wide selection of products offered by Tiendatrops Seleccion makes it an excellent choice for consumers looking for high-quality food items. Its vast range includes iberian ham, cold cuts, oil and honey. All Trops Seleccion products are labeled with their designated local origin and meet the highest quality standards. If you're looking for an alternative to supermarkets, then a trip to Tiendatrops may be in order.

Trops Seleccion

If you love to eat fresh fruit and vegetables, you may want to visit Tiendatrops Seleccion in Armuna. This store is known for its excellent service and high-quality products. It sells a variety of products, ranging from iberian ham and cold cuts to oils and honey. It also labels all of its products with the local designation of origin. This guarantees that all of its products meet the highest quality standards.

Located just a few meters from the gasolinera, TROPS Seleccion offers a wide range of fresh products. The store sells a variety of produce, including abrenas from the town of Roldan and delicious anchoas of Cantabrian fish. There are also catas and degustations to try. And if you feel like buying some gourmet food, you can visit the store and taste some of the best products available.


If you are unhappy with a product, you can return it to TROPS and they will refund the full amount of the purchase, plus any shipping costs. The refund will be issued electronically and you will be notified through email. You must notify TROPS if you decide to return an item, and you must stop using the service if the new terms do not work for you. TROPS reserves the right to refuse refunds for international sales.

The Trops Seleccion store sells products grown locally in the Velez-Malaga region. These products come from sustainable companies and promote fair trade for producers. The store also sells specialty items such as jams and jellies, honey and secored fruits. Moreover, the online store carries a variety of seasonal and gourmet products, including aguacate, mango deshidratado, pan of higo, and oatcakes.

TROPS aguacate

TROPS has entered into an agreement with the Federacion Andaluza de Triatlon (FACT) to be the official supplier of aguacate and mango. The plants are grown at an average distance of 25 feet apart. They are also suited for use in patios. TROPS is also a part of the TalentLab Malaga initiative, which identifies young talents in the area and places them with companies that need them. This ad campaign has been featured on television since april 8th.

Aguacates are native to tropical America and are classified into three ecological racial groups. They grow in many tropical and subtropical regions of the world, including Miami-Dade and Collier counties in Florida. The first aguacates were harvested in Florida in 1833. However, their commercialization has been limited to small, regional markets and specialty shops. Because of their low costs and low yields, Tiendatrops aguacates are more affordable than other types of tomatoes.

TROPS mango

The relationship between TROPS and its agricultors goes beyond the mere acquisition of cosechas. The company's team of experts has developed a technology that allows them to analyze the state of mango trees in diciembre and predict optimum conditions for flora and when to harvest the fruit. In the future, Trops will also have the technology to monitor mango trees in agro-climatic zones, and offer ag-specific advice.

If a customer's order doesn't meet expectations, he or she may return the product. TROPS will accept the products as long as they are returned in their original condition and with all packaging and tags attached. The company will reimburse the prepaid shipping costs and will send an email confirming the refund. Customers who purchased from TROPS abroad may not return their products, but those living in the Philippines can receive a refund if they don't like them.

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