GPS jammers will block the receiver from receiving signals

Power grid, mobile or military radio-many systems today rely heavily on GPS signals. This interference may have dangerous consequences.

Recently at Newark Liberty International Airport (Newark Liberty International Airport): A newly installed GPS assist system was designed to help pilots land commercial aircraft in inclement weather. Cell Phone Jammer Although the technology did not show any errors, it failed twice a day. As reported by the US trade magazine New Scientist, the airport administration only discovered the error a few months later: it was a truck driver driving a GPS jammer on the highway because he wanted to save on tolls charged by GPS. The use of such devices for fee fraud is clearly beyond the scope of legality, but it is still very easy and cheap to buy them.

Mail-order sellers sell these devices for more than $20, and the driver only needs to plug them into the vehicle’s 12-volt cigarette lighter socket to operate. WIFI Jammer Electronic enthusiasts will find all the parts for making this device in their digging box. The interference of GPS signals is so good because they reach the surface of the earth extremely weakly. Each satellite emits 100 watts of power at a distance of about 20,000 kilometers. It’s like the megaphone announcement of the whole city.

Once someone opens their mouth, like an audio jamming transmitter next to the receiving ear, you will never hear it again. As little as one watt or two watts of transmit power is enough to cause the small buzzing of GPS to often cause confusion, which is beyond the expected range.

The sensitivity of GPS can be seen from the fact that it will be strong in strong solar wind and may blacken the entire continent; or a poorly shielded FM radio (tuned to the correct frequency) will simultaneously receive GPS signals from the following locations : Driving a car is blocked.

GPS tracker may interfere with the receiver
In addition to the charging fraud described, there are other typical reasons that interfere with nearby GPS receivers. For example, there are many automatic vehicle tracker providers, some of which are used for fleet management, but mainly for theft tracking. The small battery box can be installed concealedly, 5G Jammer and its current location is sent to the provider’s central tracking computer at a set time interval through the mobile network.

This equipment has been the standard configuration of yachts for many years. Thieves usually turn off this device regularly. Police authorities also use small GPS trackers to monitor people, which they secretly attach to the vehicles to be tracked. Finally, some control freaks will electronically force monitoring of their life partners. We tend to see the only legitimate reason for GPS interference here, although the relationship to electronic warfare may be broken anyway.

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