How to Make Sure Your Home Massage Therapist is Safe

A mobile massage therapist can perform massage services in the comfort of the client's home. Some people find the idea of being able to schedule an appointment at the convenience of their own home appealing, but many people are concerned about their safety. Here are some tips to make sure your mobile massage therapist is safe:


Soothe, an app that allows customers to book a massage at home, is facing a lawsuit filed by a Brooklyn woman. She claims the masseur sexually assaulted her and had previously abused another customer. The masseur had been hired to give her a massage on Valentine's Day, but the masseuse turned out to be a serial sexual abuser. The woman's husband had ordered the massage when he was out of town.

Soothe, a mobile application that matches customers with a qualified massage therapist, operates in Toronto and Vancouver and plans to expand to Edmonton and Vancouver in early 2017. The Soothe app connects users with a therapist in their area within an hour, and the therapist is able to schedule appointments in advance. Customers can choose between Swedish, deep tissue, or couples massages. The massage therapists are able to work from their homes because they bring their own equipment. They also provide relaxing music.


A startup that provides home massages from the comfort of your own home has gained traction in New York. It began as a wellness marketplace that focused on alternative health practices but has recently branched out to offer massages on demand. While Zeel has recently launched in the Hamptons, its services have already spread across the country. While it may seem like an unlikely choice, the company is fast becoming a popular option for massages at home.

While many people are interested in using Zeel to supplement their income, the company's "no-tolerance" policy doesn't seem to have worked. Reports of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior have been ignored, while workers reporting such misconduct are penalized. Worse, Zeel's scant screening process means that there have been complaints from massage therapists who have been harmed by clients or abused by Zeel employees.


If you're looking for a home massage therapist, consider Damian. He is a certified massage therapist with over 3 years of experience and has worked for various spas and even the US Open. He enjoys blending techniques and is skilled in Myofascial Release and sports massage. His goal is to increase a person's flexibility, promote wellness, and relieve stress. He can perform massages anywhere, anytime.

Damian Dawson graduated from McGill University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Kinesiology. During his studies, he worked as a fitness consultant. In 2004, he received his ACE Personal Trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise. In 2006, he became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the NSCA. Currently, Damian is a home massage therapist, but he also provides wellness services.

CDC recommendations for mobile massage therapists

In light of the current epidemic, CDC recommendations for mobile massage therapists are becoming increasingly less severe. In fact, more states have lifted these restrictions, which means more massage therapists are returning to their regular practices. In the meantime, it's still important to follow mitigation strategies to protect yourself. One way to do this is to wear a mask or to request that your mobile massage therapist wear one.

Since COVID-19 is so recent, many massage therapists have become aware of sanitation guidelines. The CDC has provided guidance on reopening your business after the virus has been cleared. While this may seem a bit extreme, it's worth a try, especially in areas that were not previously served by mobile massage therapists. In addition to keeping yourself and others healthy, the CDC recommends implementing the highest standards of sanitation.

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