• 10 of the Strangest Anime Romances
    Oct 04, 2017

    In the romance anime genre, you have a lot of normal romances. Brilliant love stories that bloom between men and women, men and men, and women and women that can just sweep you off your feet in a whirlwind of fluffy feelings. However, sometimes you find romances that…Get a little strange. It could be relationships between siblings, but that is just the tip of the odd iceberg in terms of weird anime romances. The deeper down the rabbit hole you go, the stranger is gets.

    Mysterious Girlfriend X

    The big premise in Mysterious Girlfriend X is about people swapping spit, and not in the fun way. The romance starts out when Tsubaki sees the mysterious and distant new transfer student Urabe sleeping and decides, on the strangest of whims, to sample some of her drool. However, what he doesn’t know is that she has the worst power ever that lets people feel each other’s emotions by swapping spit. As truly gross as it is, it does create a wonderful romance story.

    School Days

    School Days starts off as your typical boy meets girl story and then rapidly digresses from there. Makoto, the main man, becomes a harem king, but with the testicular fortitude to sleep with every member of his harem until the two main girls become jealous. So he is faced with a choice and the two girls actively vie for his affection in their own ways. Without spoiling the ending, let’s just say there is a very good reason that School Days has become infamous.

    Knights of Sidonia

    While romance is not central to the plot, it plays a large part in it. Essentially the romance in Knights of Sidonia is primarily between the main character Tanikaze and the Gauna-human hybrid Tsumugi. Of course, this alien hybrid was created from the placenta of Gauna 491, who was previously a human pilot that Tanikaze had amorous feelings for but was “killed” by the Gauna. Essentially, they impregnated the Gauna form of this girl and created Tsumugi, a chimera that can help them fight the Gauna menace. She looks more alien than human, but so can create a human form from her tentacle, but that same tentacles also sometimes looks suspiciously phallic, which ultimately makes this relationship so strange.


    While not the only strange romance in Durarara, the one between Shinra and Celty that everyone likes to ship is pretty strange. Essentially a young immortal Dullahan without memories allows a crazy doctor and his kid to operate on her for a place to stay. Later, that kid, Shinra, falls in love with her. While she rebukes his advances in order to find her memories and possibly her head, she eventually gives in. However, the real kicker is when Celty finds out Shinra is actively trying to keep her from getting her memories back, and she just forgives him, then deciding that they aren’t important. They’re relationship is pretty classic Stockholm Syndrome which makes the way it ends in the light novel a bit more satisfying.

    Midori Days

    Midori Days tells a tale as old as time – the love between a man and his right hand. Of course, to make it somehow less gross, that right hand of his is transformed into a beautiful girl. The most classic of weird romances, it covers all the classic jokes you would expect when you have a set of teeny tiny boobs on your hand instead of fingers.

    B Gata H Kei

    The whole premise of B Gata H Kei is about a girl that really aims for the top by wanting to sleep with 100 guys during her high school career. The problem is that instead of walking up to any male creature and saying “Nice shoes, wanna fuck?” she is super self conscious about her downstairs bits, thus rendering her a virgin. So, she aims for a fellow virgin male who just happens to be an upstanding gentleman and her sexual advances fall flat. Aside from being a top-tier perverted comedy, it actually ends up being quite the nice romance as well.

    Yuri Bear Storm

    Yuri relationships are great and can make some finely cultivated and emotional romance series, but…Well, Yuri Bear Storm is all about bears in disguise falling in love with a bear-hating human. Of course, humans get mauled to death and prejudices are common. It is, overall, a very strange series purely due to the occasional bear maulings of cute moe girls that make it pretty dark.


    Kemonozume is about a demon hunter falling in love with a flesh-eating demon. This isn’t quite the weird premise as far as anime is concerned, but the weird part comes from the sexual part of their relationship. In order to do it, the demon needs to be pretty much chained down to the bed so that they don’t eat their paramour. It’s a little detail that makes it more of a believable romance, but still kind of strange.

    Future Diary

    We’d all like to say we would kill for the one we love, but most people don’t. Enter Yuno from Future Diary, a girl that, by all appearances, looks normal, but was warped by her abusive parents and a few other spoiler-y tidbits into the perfect amalgamation of hot and crazy. While Yukiteru is the ultimate wimp, when thrown into a survival game with Yuno, she vows to kill all his enemies, and she does! Of course, she also tries to kill his friends and holds him captive for a bit too, but who wouldn’t do that for love, right?

    Coffee Samurai

    While visual novels and dating sim games are pretty infamous for their weird relationships, Coffee Samurai is the strangest love story that ever appeared in anime form. It tells the story of Hemi, a college student ins Seoul that falls in love with a coffee vending machine. Now, as a past college student myself, I had some pretty amorous feelings for my local vending machines on those lonely late nights, but in Coffee Samurai, the vending machine is actually a samurai. He was a samurai from the Sengoku period that wished to be reborn in an invincible metal body after falling victim to assassins. It is…Quite the watch.

    Did we miss a few crazy weird anime romances? Let us know about them in the comments section below.

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