• 10 Anime Where a Girlfriend Suddenly Appears!
    May 07, 2018

    A lot of anime series in the romance, comedy, or slice of life genre start off with a protagonist who suddenly meets a new girl. Sometimes this girl ardently wants to become his girlfriend or wife through any means possible, other times they are more low-key but you know they belong together. This is a pretty standard way to start a romance storyline since as the protagonist learns about the girl, so too does the audience. Still, if the characters are done well, it can be a pretty fun ride for all.

    To Love Ru

    This series is one of the more dramatic examples of this trope. An alien girl literally drops in on the main character while he is in the bath. That situation basically sets the tone for the whole show as an ecchi sort of comedy. For the plot, she decides that she simply must marry him in order to escape the political marriage that she was running from. As is typical with anime series where a girlfriend suddenly appears, the main character also gathers a harem for competition with the main girl.


    Similar to the above To Love Ru, Sekirei has a girl literal fall from the sky and into the main character’s life. You see, Musubi the sky-falling girl, is a Sekirei. She is destined to fight the other 108 Sekirei until there is only one standing. However, these beings also pick a human partner to fight beside them and activate their power, so of course she picks the main character.

    B Gata H Kei

    This series is a little different from what is typical because the main character is actually the sudden girlfriend in question. The show follows her point of view as she tries to lose her virginity. She picks a random, non-threatening guy and kind of just throws his life into chaos. Of course, he develops feelings for her and she develops feelings for him, though not noticing at first.

    And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online?

    Imagine yourself as an MMO player who suddenly discovers all the strangers they play with online are actually your classmates. That’s one of the plots of the show. The other plot revolves are the main character being duped by a guy playing a girl character online and being more wary of love online. However, when a girl becomes interested in him online, he discovers she actually goes to his school and is indeed actually a girl.


    Unlike many of the main characters that end up with a sudden girlfriend, the main character in OreShura is very anti-love. He doesn’t want a girlfriend at all. However, he receives a confession from a girl that basically holds him hostage as his fake girlfriend. She doesn’t want to fall in love either, but needs a fake boyfriend to keep the men away. It certainly creates one of the most unique plots of any romantic comedy.

    My Wife is the Student Council President

    The main character, Izumi, is a freshman that runs for student council president. However, he is firmly stomped by a girl that was handing out free condoms. That is all fine and dandy until he comes home to find that he is actually betrothed to the girl due to a deal made between their parents. Turns out high school is more complicated when you are married.

    My Bride is a Mermaid

    Someone had a lot of imagination when they dreamed this one up. The premise is that main character Nagasumi is rescued one day by a mermaid. Unfortunately, she is the daughter of a merfolk mafia family that has a rule that states if a mermaid is seen by a man, either she or the man must die. In order to avoid doom on either party, he agrees to marry the mermaid and become part of the family. It truly is as insane and hilarious as it sounds.

    Ah! My Goddess

    This a classic show. Main character Keiichi is your standard guy, albeit one with exceptional bad luck. However, seeing his life out of balance, the heavens dispatched Belldandy, a goddess. In order to make up for all his bad luck, she grants him one wish. Not really taking it seriously, he wishes she would be his girlfriend forever. This show is pretty much “suddenly a girlfriend appears” to a T.


    Chobits takes place in a world different from our own. Personal computers have advanced to such a stage that they now resemble humans. Unfortunately, the main character just moved to the city for college and has been chronically broke, so he can’t afford one. However, he soon stumbles upon one in the street, takes it home, and fixes it. Unfortunately, she is a bit defective, only saying one word and unable to download information. Not wanting to get rid of it, he decides to teach it the old fashioned way.

    Please Teacher

    Main character Kei is your average young boy. He is shy and thus has little experience in love. However, she soon discovers that his hot teacher is an alien. In order to conceal her secret, he ends up in a pretend marriage to her. To be honest, this series is a bit creepy with a premise, but there’s not too much emphasis on the age difference to make it really weird.

    Do you have any more anime series where a girlfriend suddenly appears in the main characters life? Let us know in the comments section below.

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