How Color of Diamonds Match the Personality of a Person

How Color of diamonds match the personality of a person?

Diamonds are one of the most coveted stones just for the jewellery industry but for other industries that use its strength and sharpness for cutting. Diamonds vary not just in their size, shape and clarity but also in their color. The color of the diamonds depends upon the number of inclusions it has and is available in several colors such as yellow, blue, green, and red and black. Irrespective of the color, each diamond is unique in itself and speaks volumes regarding the personality of the person wearing it. If you’re planning to buy colored diamonds then you can buy them according to your personality.  Listed below are diamond colors and the personality they suit.


Yellow is a happy color and is most suited for people who are vibrant and creative. Yellow diamonds may vary in their color saturation depending on the amount of nitrogen incorporated in them during their formation. Yellow diamond jewellery is extremely popular and is known to be a part of some of the most iconic jewellery pieces. Jewelers hatton garden have a range of yellow diamond jewellery that will suit people who are full of optimism and have a happy, playful and fun loving personality.


Orange is one of the most dramatic and rare diamond color and it is very difficult to come across an orange diamond. A diamond appears orange in color when there is boron present inside their structure. An orange diamond represents courage, enthusiasm and positive energy and is best suited for people who have the abovementioned qualities apart from being thoughtful and curious.

Pink and Red

Diamonds which are red in color are less frequently available than pick diamonds. Pink and red colors stand for love, commitment and passion and therefore pink and red diamonds are the perfect diamonds to propose your loved one for marriage. They also make a great gift for people with innocent and graceful personalities who are emotional yet determined.


Blue colored diamonds are exclusively mined in South Africa and Australia and can be quite expensive since they are often associated with royalty. Blue diamond jewellery is not just expensive to look at but have a certain regal air to them. Blue diamonds symbolize peace, truth and devotion and are best suited for people who have a calm, courageous and dutiful personality.


A green diamond looks extremely beautiful in different pieces of jewellery and is generally associated with nature, prosperity and abundance. Green diamond jewellery is recommended for people with a relaxed yet adventurous spirit who love to explore.


Formed due to the presence of nitrogen in their structures, brown diamonds symbolizes stability and order. Brown diamond jewellery flaunts the personality of the people who are stable, dependable and down to earth.


Purple diamonds are rare and stand for spirituality and enlightenment. They hence suited for people with noble, creative and intelligent personality.


Black diamonds have a different aura about them. The black diamond engagement rings hatton garden are quite the rage these days. They best represent the quality of power, purity and energy. They make for stunning jewellery pieces and suit people who have an energetic, driven and powerful personality.

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