Edo No Kenshikan
Edo No Kenshikan
Now, the corpse begins to tell the truth of the case It can be said that it is a common sense in the current investigation "Prosecutor" However, this way of thinking had already been implemented in the Edo period. At that time, there is a book called "Regular Recitation", which was said to be the Bible of the Prosecution. The genius concentricity Kitazawa Hokenjo Kitazawa Hokentaro who investigates this in detail in one hand and lets you tell the truth of murder with one hand. There was no one with the technique of the public prosecutor's office, and he went out to the field like him and changed Kitazawa, which examines corpses casually. Such Kitazawa is helped by doctors and women who love doctors, Genkai, and a female painter, the moon. The three are skillful teams that solve difficult cases with the look of Genkai, and the skills of the moon, which looks at the face of the life from the wrecked corpse and looks like a face. Well, this time a suicide and a dead body found at the bottom of the well began telling the surprising truth in this team's examination. What is the voice of the corpse of the well? Can Kitazawa find the true culprit? Rie Takase paints a novel by Ryoichiro Kawada, who won the Edogawa Ranpo Award, with a beautiful brush. Chinese Spoiler倾听死者们无杂念的声音! 北町奉行所的捕快北泽彦太郎与其他捕快们 对令人讨厌的验尸有着别样的热情, 以验尸宝典《无冤录》为依据,他和医生玄海、 画师阿月从尸体身上的小细节入手,真相逐渐浮出水面!!
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Mar 24, 2022