House Window Tint Malaysia

When choosing the right house window tint Malaysia for your home, you should know that there are several different types available in the market. The following articles discuss ECOTINT Malaysia, Metalized film, and Visible light transmission (VLT).

ECOTINT Malaysia

ECOTINT is one of the leading installers and importers of window films in Malaysia. Founded in 2000, ECOTINT is a global leader in branded and quality window films. With offices in Subang Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore, the company has a strong local presence. With its Raybarrier Solar Series, ECOTINT provides a standard of protection against harmful UV rays while keeping indoors cool and comfortable.

The company has won the trust of legions of satisfied customers across the world, with its best-in-class window films and superior service. Its slogan, "We are suckers for toolong", is an apt representation of its commitment to quality and service. This ethos continues to expand its presence across the region, and it strives to deliver the best products with utmost quality and value. Moreover, it also offers service assurance and cost certainty for its clients.

Sunguard Cool

When it comes to window film, Sunguard Cool is probably the most trusted brand in Malaysia. With a comprehensive line of residential, commercial, and automotive films, Sunguard Cool can help you achieve your aesthetic goals. These films also help you save energy and money by regulating the flow of heat through your windows. If you're considering window tinting in Malaysia, consider the benefits of the following products:

The roll of tint isn't easy to install and may wrinkle during shipping. When applied to windows with curved edges, the film can be difficult to shrink to fit. Beginners might have trouble applying this product because of the roll's complicated design. If you're not an expert at tinting, the instructions aren't always easy to follow. Fortunately, Sunguard Cool house window tint Malaysia has instructions to get you started.

Metalized film

When deciding which type of house window tint to purchase, you should first consider the level of Visible Light Transmission (VLT) the film has. In Malaysia, the law requires a minimum level of visible light transmission for the front windscreen, the rear window, and the back side windows. Failure to meet these standards can result in heavy fines from the Road Transport Department. There are some exceptions to this rule, though, such as for health or safety reasons.

One type of metallized film is used in car windows. Instead of dye, metalized films contain tiny metallic particles. These particles reflect light and heat, giving your window system a shinny look. In addition, the film is thicker, which prevents it from breaking if it is hit by an object. Despite its high level of protection, the film may interfere with the phone or GPS signals.

Visible light transmission (VLT)

In the field of house window tinting Malaysia, visible light transmission is one of the key factors to consider. Visible light transmittance is important for several reasons, including heat protection, UV ray protection, and security. When creating film, creators began measuring the amount of light that passed through the dark tint. The result of this research is known as NET VLT. A high VLT means that the window tinting will deflect more visible light, but pass less glare.

The law of Malaysia requires a minimum visible light transmission percentage for a car's windscreen. This standard applies to the front windscreen, rear window, and side windows. Failing to meet these regulations could result in a RM300 compound fine. However, the government hopes that the new guidelines will increase revenue from the car tinting industry. Until now, darker tinting was allowed for up to 20,000 cars. However, it failed to generate any income for the government. This new regulation will be fully enforced in August and will carry a RM300 compound fine for violation of the law.

UV absorbers

In order to protect your home from UV rays, your house window tint Malaysia should contain UV absorbers. These materials are added to the adhesive layer or core polyester film and are responsible for absorbing harmful ultraviolet rays. In addition, these films enhance the colour of the house by dissipating heat. To get maximum protection, the UV absorbers should be high in concentration. They should also be of high quality.

Aside from their protection from harmful ultraviolet rays, UV absorbers help strengthen the window and make it more durable. In addition, UV-absorbing house window film Malaysia is also good for your car. While it will fade with time, it won't turn purple. Most companies also offer warranties against colour change. If you want to protect your investment from UV rays, opt for a good tinted film Malaysia.


The cost of house window tint Malaysia varies according to the quality and size of the tint. A typical installation will cost between RM600 and RM2,000. In Malaysia, Sunguard Cool is the leading brand in glass treatment window film. They offer a full line of architectural, safety/security, decorative, and wrapping film. They also import high-quality window films from the USA. In Malaysia, the average price of house window tint is RM5 per square foot. Typically, most homeowners spend between RM1,000 and RM2,000 for a professional installation.

Cost of house window tint Malaysia varies according to the size of the job, the type of film used, and the brand. Commercial and industrial buildings almost always use reflective bronze and silver film. While the reflective appearance of the film may be unattractive for many homeowners, building owners appreciate the cost-effectiveness of these films. To learn more about the cost of house window tint Malaysia, read on! Let's get started!

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