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Alternative(s): Skill Master Levels Up,
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In the year 2020, humanity faces a crisis as Earth is attacked by unidentified monsters. Players prepare for the attack by challenging the Labyrinth that appeared. They can choose four options: Easy Mode, where anyone can survive; Normal Mode, where you must work to survive; Hard Mode, where only 1% could survive; and Solo Mode, the harshest difficulty. Kang TaeSan, the strongest Easy Mode player cleared the Labyrinth using an unconventional approach and acquired skills others could not: [ Addition, Multiplication, Attack Nullification, Ultimate Judgement...]. But because he chose Easy Mode, his power was lacking. Unable to prevent the extinction of humanity, he lay dying. A miraculous chance appears. "This time I'll definitely become stronger." Challenging the Labyrinth again, this is Skill-based Player Kang TaeSan's Solo Mode Attack Record!
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