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The main character, Yoshizumi Yuya, was being pressured into paying off the debt left by his parents who had fled abroad. It was his classmate, Hitotsuba Kaede, chosen as the cutest schoolgirl in Japan, who saved him from this crisis of life and death. However, there was a catch. The condition required to fulfill in return for taking over his debt was — “In return for the loan, you have – to live with me.” “Why did that happen?!” Yuya’s daily life collapsed on this day. “Yuya-kun. Let’s take a bath together.” “Yuya-kun, please be my hug pillow.” “That’s enough, Hitotsuba-san!” The slapstick love comedy between the beautiful, but easy-going Hitotsuba Kaede and the serious and hard-headed Yoshizumi Yuya, starts now!