Yasuko Aoike Collection
Yasuko Aoike Collection
Compilation containing many of Yasuko Aoike\'s famous early works including: - Volume 1 - **[Aquamarine](https://www.mangaupdates.com/series/lmw6p6c/aquamarine)** (アクアマリン), 1976 - Terence Reid, a young novelist, is invited to the outskirts of London by his old friend Gil Kane. At the castle of Thomas Barrymore, who is said to have been a vicious criminal in the past, Terence meets Aquamarine, a beautiful boy with bluish-gold hair and an angelic smile who looks exactly like Thomas.... Made in the same year as \"From Eroica with Love,\" this is a gorgeous mystery-romance that marked a turning point for the mangaka. - Volume 2 - **[Roman Suite](https://www.mangaupdates.com/series/04uiiku/roman-kumikyoku)** (ロマン組曲, Roman Kumikyoku), 1976 - Daniel, a college student, left London with his black cat, Griffon, to visit his relative, the widow of Eddowes. He is not welcomed by Claudia, who claims to be his tutor, but he enjoys seeing her beautiful daughter, Catherine, who has grown up to be a beautiful woman. Daniel\'s search for love leads him to the town of London, where he finds a man named Daniel, who is also his father\'s son. Daniel\'s wanderings in search of love are always tinged with sad fate... - Volume 3 - **[Allman Story](https://www.mangaupdates.com/series/6mln2ss/allman-monogatari)** (オールマンものがたり, Allman Monogatari), 1978 - Craig, a kind-hearted and beautiful young man who loves flowers, stars, and music, escapes from the all-male Allman University in search of a woman with the muscle-bound John. Dressed as a woman, they sneak into a nunnery deep in the woods. There, they find themselves in the house of female vampires.... The love and adventures of beautiful young men unfold in this forbidden garden. The Sons of Eve\" is the prototype for \"Dracula\'s House is a Riot! (Allman\'s Story),\" and \"Dear Father,\" which is based on the mangaka\'s father. - Volume 4 - **[Kill Hamlet!](https://www.mangaupdates.com/series/36u95c8/hamlet-o-korose)** (ハムレットを殺せ!, Hamlet wo Korose!), 2006 - The enormous legacy of the Blake family. A beautiful lover. Helmut, a young man who seems to have all the happiness in the world. Just before the end of \"Hamlet,\" performed at his birthday party, he falls out of a window and loses all memory. All that comes out of his mouth are the lines of \"Hamlet\"... When his memory returns, Helmut learns that his lover Agnes has married his brother-in-law, Mulder. A cruel betrayal, a terrible conspiracy... In addition to the title story, which is based on a Shakespearean tragedy, this self-selected masterpiece collection contains six other stories, including \"Mother\'s Day Off\", which is modeled after the mangaka\'s mother. - Volume 5 - **[The Red House in the Flood](https://www.mangaupdates.com/series/48zjxuc/mizu-no-naka-no-akai-ie)** (水の中の赤い家, Mizu no Naka no Akai Ie), 1973 - A stormy dusk. Jennifer, who lost her beloved boyfriend Joel in an accident just before their wedding, arrives at the red-roofed Scott house by the river, where they were supposed to visit together. A mother cannot accept the death of her son. Her younger brother, Marc, feels inferior to his deceased brother. Jennifer is trapped in the Red House when the river overflows due to heavy rains, and a terrifying evil hand begins to creep up on her... In addition to the title story, this self-selected masterpiece collection includes the fantastical short story \"Moon Festival\" as a special feature.
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Oct 06, 2023