Tatsuki Fujimoto Short Story Collection
Tatsuki Fujimoto Short Story Collection
Collection of oneshots from author Tatsuki Fujimoto. Volume 1: 17-21 - Chapter 1. **There were Two Chickens in the Garden (Niwa ni wa Niwa Niwatori ga Ita, 庭には二羽ニワトリがいた。)** A strange world where aliens have taken over the human world, and only two humans are left which are apparently disguising themselves as mere chickens. - Chapter 2. **Sasaki-kun Has Stopped the Bullet (Sasaki-kun ga Judan Tometa, 佐々木くんが銃弾止めた)** To Sasaki, his teacher Kawaguchi is God. She taught him not to be ashamed of his own dreams and made him feel fully capable to forge forward and make them come true, no matter how low the odds. Yet one day, trouble from Kawaguchi\'s past follows her into the classroom. With his god in danger of total humiliation, Sasaki sets out to protect his teacher using her very own teachings: to strive for the impossible. - Chapter 3. **Love is Blind (Koi wa Moumoku, 恋は盲目)** A one-shot story about a boy that is blind to everything but love. Can he confess to his crush? - Chapter 4. **Shikaku (シカク)** A notorious hit-man bites off more than they can chew when their newest target turns out to be holding a supernatural secret. Bullets fly and love is in the air. Volume 2: 22-26 - Chapter 1. **Siren Rhapsody (Ningyo Rhapsody, 人魚ラプソディ)** In a world where sirens are common, the protagonist is a hybrid of a human father and a mermaid mother. He\'s always playing the piano under the sea, when a strange siren approaches him… - Chapter 2. **\"When I Woke Up I had Become a Girl\" Disease (Me wo Sametara Onnanoko ni Natteita Byou, 目が覚めたら女の子になっていた病)** A boy wakes up to discover he has become a girl! How will this affect his daily life?! - Chapter 3. **Nayuta of the Prophecy (Yogen no Nayuta, 予言のナユタ)** A tale about a prophecy involving a girl with horns who is said to bring destruction upon the world, and her brother. - Chapter 4. **Little Sister\'s Elder Sister (Imouto no Ane, 妹の姉)** A story about sisters aspiring to be artists.
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May 14, 2023